Promotion & Merchandising Engine

Discover new & innovative revenue streams

Use the Utelly Platform to activate new revenue streams. Maximise the potential you hold as the arbiter of content placement. Whilst capturing affiliate revenue for content initiated referrals.

Content Recommendation Engine for TV and OTT

Capture & Grow Revenue

Across media & entertainment products and services there remains unrealised potential to capture new revenue streams. Based on content metadata and user interaction patterns our Monetisation Features can help to access this potential.

Monetisation Features

Promoted Content
Premium placement for selected content as part of a user's content discovery experience.
Promoted Offers
Inject personalised offered at the optimum point in user journeys.
Bidding Engine
Allow content partners to compete for premium placement.
Affiliate Linking
Capture affiliate revenue for referred purchases from your products.
Product Placement
Enrich content metadata with links to relevant products & services.

Learn how we can help you

Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.